Hot tub (requires pre-booking)

  • Seats 6 - 8

  • Is regularly cleaned and emptied, refilled in between guests

  • Annual maintenance and "winterisation" 

  • Kept at 38 deg C

  • Jets provide bubbles and water fountain

  • Lighting provides night-time fun

  • Should not be used before 8am or after 11pm please, to be considerate to neighbours

  • No loud music should be played in the garden

  • The water should be tested daily to ensure your utmost comfort

  • All chemicals, testing strips etc supplied - kept on top of tumble dryer in utility room

  • Children should be supervised at all times

  • The hot tub must be covered when not in use.

  • Please read the manual, which is in the Property Information Folder, before using the hot tub


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