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The beginning of our Newport Pembs Cottage

When Rhys and I first bought the Welsh cottage where Seaborne was still a building site with skips outside and diggers inside the house, we were approached by a kind looking man. The lovely man had a cheery smile and a bobble hat and introduced himself as Reg. He kindly asked if we would like to see some information about our lovely Welsh cottage and asked if we'd like to see. 


 Well of course - we said yes! And as so often happens, I imagined there would be plenty of time one day, once Rhys and I had retired, to discuss and investigate this little potted history more with Reg over coffee in Fronlas.  Sadly, Reg did not come home one morning from a walk along the Welsh coastal path. And so this page is dedicated to his memory, in thanks of all the work he did to find out and collect the stories of the Master Mariners of Newport. In particular in thanks for the gift he gave to us that day of the following (images below).

History behind our holiday cottage in West Wales

Our stunning Welsh holiday home has enjoyed a rich history and has been loved by many owners through the years. It's origins can be traced back to the early 1900s where it was described as a 'Stone built house with a slated roof. Below you'll find Reg's gift to us detailing the history of the owners and house in further detail. 

In memory of Dr Reginald Davies, of Newport, Pembrokeshire, d. 14th June 2019

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