10 Welsh words and phrases to use on your seaside holiday

Updated: Jul 22

How to make the most of your Welsh holiday

Ok - so, your Newport Pembs coastal holiday is booked, your luggage is packed and now you want to make sure that you make the most of your Pembrokeshire seaside break.

You may already know which Pembrokeshire coastal paths you want to explore and the best places to eat out in Newport, Pembs. Now you want to make sure that you can fully get involved in the local Welsh community.

Immerse yourself in Welsh culture

When you stay with Seaborne House, you’ll get the best of both worlds where you can enjoy some quiet away from the hustle and bustle but are still within easy reach of everything you could need.

Our charming Welsh cottage has plenty of room for the whole family and comes with a handy ‘Welcome pack’ to help you explore on your Newport holiday! We are confident that once you visit the sleepy seaside town of Newport, Pembs you’ll be hooked.

There are plenty of activities for all the family and you’ll soon find out that the locals are lovely people who are happy to lend a hand. However, you’ll make friends for life if you make the extra effort to use a little Welsh where you can.

A seaside holiday can improve your mental health

Top 10 Welsh words and phrases to use on your coastal break

1. Bore da/Prynhawn da/Nos da

Bo-reh dah/ Prin-how-nn dah/ Nors dah

These Welsh phrases are frequently used as a polite greeting. They each refer to a different time of day.

Bore = morning

Prynhawn = afternoon

Nos = night

You're sure to get a dazzling smile from the locals for making the extra effort to use the correct greeting!

2. Iechyd da

Yeh-kh-id dah

The literal translation means ‘good health’, but this is often used across Wales as a cheers toast.

3. Mae’n ddrwg gen i

My-nn throo-guh geh-nn ee

This is the Welsh translation for ‘sorry’, which translates roughly to you admitting you’ve done wrong or been bad.

4. Pa ffordd i’r traeth?

Pah ph-orth eer tru-eeth

This is an incredibly important question for every seaside holiday. It simply means you’re asking for directions to the beach!

5. Diolch/Os gwelwch yn dda

Dee-oh-lkh/ ohs goo-eh-lukh un thah

Whether you’re in a local corner shop, ordering coffee at a cafe or even asking for directions, going the extra mile and saying thank you (diolch) and please (os gwelwch yn dda) in Welsh will always be appreciated.

6. Os gen ti yr amser?

Oh-sss geh-nn tee uh-rr ahm-ser

Translating simply to, ‘do you have the time?’. Particularly useful if you’ve been exploring the local areas all day and have a reservation at a restaurant in the evening.

7. Shw mae

Shuh my

This is often used interchangeably as either ‘Hello’ or ‘How are you?’.

8. Faint yw e?

V-eye-nut ew eh

Meaning ‘how much is it?’, this Welsh phrase can be used to reference anything from a painting to a hot drink at a cafe.

9. A ydym bron yno?

Ah uh-dim broh-nn un-oh

This is a little bit of a fun one, but it means ‘are we nearly there yet?’. For any parent, you’ll be very familiar with this being used while travelling.

Still, it’s always good to ask a local that you pass on your way to your activity or chosen landmark.

10. Hwyl

Hoe-luh/ hoe-luh vow-rr

Now that you know how to greet someone and ask important questions, learning how to say ‘bye’ (hwyl) is also important. Hwyl is actually an abbreviation of ‘Hwyl fawr’ (goodbye) and is normally used in informal situations.

Fun fact! The actual literal translation of ‘Hwyl’ is actually ‘fun’!

How does Seaborne House look after its guests?

We are incredibly proud that we put our guests first in all that we do. From tastefully decorating the house to providing laidback luxury to implementing upgrades based on requests from previous guests.

We do everything we can to ensure your holiday is a success. There is a reason why most of our business comes from previous guests or word of mouth recommendations!

How to book your Welsh coastal holiday

To book your luxury Welsh staycation, you can either book through our website or by contacting our team to check availability.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, we would be delighted to assist you further!

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