How to have a dog-friendly holiday

Updated: Jul 22

A guide to enjoying a dog-friendly holiday

Whether you’re looking to enjoy some sun on your coastal holiday or looking to explore the Pembrokeshire sights with long hikes, making sure your pet is catered to is important.

With so many of us looking to plan our family holidays, we’ve put together a handy guide to make sure you can enjoy spending quality time with your furry friends.

6 Top tips to make sure your dog enjoys your holiday

1. Book a dog-friendly holiday accommodation

Here at Seaborne, we are happy to accommodate up to 3 dogs (dependent on breeds). We fully understand that no holiday is complete without your favourite furry friend.

You deserve to enjoy our laidback luxury holiday cottage whilst knowing your canine companion can come too. Check the availability of our dog-friendly Pembrokeshire holiday let.

2. Plan your journey to be pet friendly

Nobody enjoys a long car journey and your pooch is no exception! Make sure they have somewhere safe to relax, plenty of access to food and drinks and offer plenty of restroom stops.

You’ll never regret packing spare everyday items for your dog. There’s nothing worse than being away from home without the comforts your dog enjoys.

3. Plan dog-friendly activities

Regardless of dog breed, your pet will need plenty of exercise on your holiday.

It definitely helps to have an idea of activities you’d like to do in advance where you could include your pooch.

In Pembrokeshire, there are plenty of dog-friendly beaches and places to eat out.

Take a look at some activities near Newport, Pembs for inspiration!

4. Consider how the weather will affect your pooch

We don’t have to warn you that the British weather can be hard to predict. It’s important to consider all weather conditions when it comes to your dog.

Some good ideas of what to bring on your dog-friendly holiday are pet sun cream, towels for bathing after muddy walks, portable water bowls and paw boots for cold weather.

Make sure you have the right tools so that your dog can enjoy their holiday come rain or shine.

5. When you arrive, do a thorough safety check

Although a Welsh holiday let might advertise themselves as being dog-friendly, they might not be able to think of everything.

It’s important to run a quick safety evaluation to make sure your holiday cottage is pet safe.

Some good ideas to specifically check on are making sure that the garden is secure and that there are no small spaces that your pooch could squeeze into.

6. Make sure you have local vet information

Although you hopefully shouldn’t need to contact a local vet. It’s always best to make sure you have it prepared just in case.

Taking your dog to the vet for a quick check-up before leaving for the holiday is also a good idea.

During the check-up, always make sure that your pet's tag and chip have accurate and up-to-date contact information.

Enjoy your dog-friendly family UK holiday with Seaborne

Seaborne House is owned by dog lovers, so we understand how important it is to find a great family holiday let that allows dogs.

Interested in booking a stay in our luxury Welsh holiday cottage?

Contact us today!

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