Outdoor things to do in Pembrokeshire

Updated: Nov 18

Pembrokeshire activities to do outside

Wales is beautiful, so it makes sense that when you’re visiting you want to make sure you get to experience it!

This is why we’ve put together a list of our favourite outdoor things to do in Pembrokeshire.

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10 Outdoor Activities Pembrokeshire

1. Sailing!

Sailing in Pembrokeshire

If you’re heading to the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast, taking an opportunity to do some sailing should be a priority.

Whether you hire a boat, rent a boat or simply book a boat tour, we really recommend sailing in Pembrokeshire.

Windsurfing in Pembrokeshire

2. Windsurfing

Wales is known for its windy weather, so why not take advantage of it? Doing outdoor sports that depend on the wind is a perfect Autumn outdoor activity.

It’s a great way of seeing more of the coast whilst enjoying getting some water sports into your holiday.

You can choose to hire local equipment or bring your own. Either way, you’ll have a blast!

kayaking in Parrog Pembrokeshire

3. Kayaking along the Parrog

An absolute must if you’re staying in Newport. Parrog beach is a perfect spot for kayaking.

You can even hire locally from Tim who is super helpful and will be able to guide you through it!

kitesurfing on Newport Beach

4. Kitesurfing on Newport Beach

You’ll need to either come prepared or research places to rent ahead of time.

At present, there isn’t a close by kitesurfing rental shop, but there’s no better way to explore Newport Beach!

Hiking on Carningli Mountain

5. Hiking up Carningli Mountain

Situated right behind Seaborne House in Newport is the stunning Carningli mountain. Whether you’re new to hiking or a hiking hobbyist, then it’s a great mountain to try.

It’s an absolute must for holidays in Pembrokeshire. It even offers a breathtaking 360-degree view of Pembrokeshire from the top!

Tennis in Newport Pembs

6. Playing tennis

It’s a brilliant way to get a holiday sweat on whilst still having fun.

In Newport, you’ll find some great tennis courts that you can hire near the school!

outdoor yoga in Pembrokeshire

7. Outdoor Yoga

Although in Newport you’ll mostly find sessions are held in the main Village Hall, you might find on sunny days they’ll be held outside.

But even if there aren't any classes, take yourself to the beach and enjoy some quiet Autumn outdoor yoga.

horse riding in Pembrokeshire

8. Horse Riding

There are actually a handful of horse riding schools near Newport, Pembrokeshire.

So if you’re looking to try your hand at horses then there’s no better time than your holiday!

Coasteering in Pembrokeshire

9. Coasteering

Pembrokeshire is renowned for having many outdoor adventure companies. Just one of the favourite outdoor activities in this area is Coasteering.

If you’ve never been before, it’s an immersive experience where you explore an eco-adventure playground. This might be moving along a rocky coastline, swimming in rock pools or other adrenaline-filled activities.

Fishing in Newport

10. Fishing

Looking for a quieter outdoor activity in Pembrokeshire? You’ll need a licence, but you’re able to apply to fish either in the Nevern river or just off the beach.

It’s the perfect time to get some peace outdoors while enjoying the stunning local scenery!

Looking for more places to visit in Pembrokeshire?

Explore Pembrokeshire when you stay with Seaborne House

Our large holiday cottage is ideally situated for exploring Newport or Pembrokeshire as a whole!

Located in the sleepy seaside town of Newport, there are plenty of beautiful sites, things to do and places to eat within walking distance of the cottage. Plus there’s even a hot tub!

If you’re needing family-friendly places to visit in Pembrokeshire or looking for Welsh foods and products to try then you might want to check out our blog!

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