Staying safe on your Welsh staycation

Updated: Jul 22

COVID safety measures set in place at Seaborne

It’s true to say that the pandemic has caused a shift in behaviours, trends and even attitudes, highlighting that you don’t need to go abroad to enjoy a family holiday.

Not only are there hundreds of gorgeous UK locations to explore, but it also means you don’t have to face the dreaded airport queues.

A seaside holiday can help reduce stress

Offering a wonderful change of scenery and a well-needed break, it isn’t hard to see why UK staycations experienced a boom during the Covid pandemic. They were a chance to escape daily stress and spend time with family members outside of the same four walls.

Staying safe on holiday

With the majority of tourist areas reopened, families are looking to plan some much needed vacation time in the UK.

While some will be looking to stay close to home and discover hidden gems in their back gardens, others will be looking to explore further afield.

Why visit Newport, Pembs

Something else that the pandemic showed is how important it is to keep your family safe. We’ve put together some handy tips on how to safely enjoy your Welsh staycation.

Tips on staying safe on your 'holistay'

The term 'holistay' was recently coined to describe a holiday where you stay in the UK or your local area.

1. Wash and sanitise

There’s a reason why hand sanitiser has become a handbag staple for many. Washing your hands regularly and sanitising your hands (and kitchen areas) helps limit the spread of germs.

2. Plan ahead and prepare

Whether you prefer being spontaneous or planning every aspect of your trip - you should look into the places you’ll likely visit first. They may have specific rules like booking in advance only, mandatory face coverings, or requiring a COVID pass upon arrival. Have you updated your NHS Covid pass recently?

3. Give plenty of space

If you’re looking to explore the local area, always try to give people not in your household plenty of space. Even if social distance rules are no longer applicable, it’s always good to err on the side of caution.

4. Read the guidance before setting off

Whether you’re coming to stay at Seaborne House (our luxury Welsh holiday rental) or looking to explore other areas of the UK, it’s important to know the guidance for that country before you go.

Welsh Government’s Covid Advice

5. Make the most of outdoor spaces

Here in Newport, Pembs there is plenty to do while enjoying outdoor areas. Wherever possible, it’s a good idea to explore green spaces with plenty of space available for all to enjoy. Covid-19 and its many variants don’t survive well in fresh air.

Outdoor activities in Newport, Pembs

6. Track and trace

Not only does this help protect your family by being notified of any dangers of infection, but it also keeps locals and other visiting families informed too.

How Seaborne keeps you COVID safe

  • We’ve done a full Covid-19 risk assessment for Seaborne House

  • Our coastal cottage is cleaned between every guest stay following a check-list advised by the HSE

  • All cleaners have completed a “Fit to work” form before commencing work

  • All our linen and towels are washed on a 60+℃ hot wash, then pressed.

  • We advise any guests to make sure they have no Covid symptoms and have tested negative before travelling to the property

  • Check-in is done remotely via a code for the keysafe box

  • Our QR code for Seaborne is sent to you by email beforehand so you can “check-in” via the NHS app if you wish (not compulsory now)

  • We communicate with our guests during- and post-stay via WhatsApp to ensure there is no need for person-to-person contact

Protecting guests wherever possible

Guest safety has always been a priority for anybody staying at Seaborne House. We are known for being a laidback luxurious holiday rental who cares about our guests.

So, with the recent pandemic, we have done everything we can to ensure that the risk of infection is minimal.

With every stay with Seaborne, you’ll also get a handy welcome pack with a guide on the local area contact numbers in case of an emergency.

Keep safe on your next Welsh staycationand book a luxury holiday home like Seaborne House.
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