Top 10 tips to have the best staycation

Guide for great staycation holidays

Over the last few years, the UK has fallen back in love with itself. Whereas before everybody insisted that you had to go abroad to holiday, we’re now embracing the wonders the UK has to offer.

Whether you’re staying local or travelling a few hours to the coast, we’ve put together a helpful guide for having the best UK holiday.

Why are UK staycations so popular?

The UK actually has a lot to offer in terms of a holiday destination. There's a reason why it gets so many tourists visiting every year.

1. There’s something for everybody

Whether you’re a city mouse who thrives in urban settings or a country mouse who likes to get away in rural areas, the UK has places for you.

There are plenty of places for people to relax and have a quiet beachy holiday. And there are even more places for adventure seekers to chase action and adrenaline.

2. No airport queues

Since the travel restrictions have been lifted, the airport queues have never been longer.

And with many of us not living on the airport's doorstep, it also means a hefty drive to get there too.

No thanks - take me straight to the holiday!

3. You know you’ll like the food

For picky foodies or parents of fussy eaters, it’s a real worry to make sure your family has plenty of food it likes to eat.

There’s also the added benefit that the UK takes food allergies super serious. And 99% of food labels will clearly display ingredients which are common allergies.

It means you’re less focused on worrying and more focused on enjoying.

4. It’s often much cheaper

For an off-peak booking with Seaborne, you’re looking at around £1,900 for a week for 10 people.

You certainly wouldn’t get many options abroad for the same price and quality abroad.

10 Holiday Tips For a Stay in the UK

1. Be prepared for all weather

The UK weather can be unpredictable on occasion where we’ve seen snow storms in May and heatwaves in Autumn.

2. Do your research

Knowing the place you’re visiting goes a long way to make sure you have the best holiday.

Making up a list of possible day trips is great for relieving the picking pressure when you’re there.

3. Make sure your holiday rental is good

There’s nothing worse than staying somewhere dirty, unfit for purpose or just not suitable.

We pride ourselves at Seaborne House on providing the perfect holiday home where all your needs are met.

4. Bring plenty of car activities if it’s a long drive

Nothing starts a holiday off worse than a rough drive to the destination.

Keeping kids entertained with fully charged devices and plenty of food and water makes a huge difference.

5. Always bring spare suncream and shoes

There’s nothing worse than trying to hunt down trainers in your kid's size or suncream in a rush.

6. Make a reservation ahead of time at your restaurant of choice

Make sure you aren’t disappointed that you miss out on a food place you really wanted to try.

It’s always a good idea to book ahead rather than trying to find somewhere to eat when you’re already hungry.

7. Always make sure you know the parking situation

Especially if you’ve been delayed in your drive, it can be stressful trying to figure out where you can park your vehicle.

Knowing where you’re allowed to park your car upfront definitely helps lessen tensions.

8. Book a UK holiday with a hot tub

Our hot tub at Seaborne House is a real hit with guests. It helps add that further touch of luxury to a holiday.

9. Look out for a dog-friendly holiday let

Bringing your favourite furry friends along on your holiday will help make it more memorable and enjoyable.

We are dog lovers here at Seaborne and that's why we offer the option to bring your dog along too on your holiday.

9. Bring plenty of activities to do in your spare time

People often overlook evening activities to keep the kids (and adults) busy. Making sure you have plenty to do until it’s beach time is an important consideration.

How to stay with Seaborne House

If you’re looking for luxury self-catering holiday accommodation then Seaborne is the perfect place for you.

You can either book your Welsh holiday online or get in touch via email or social media to request a holiday quote.

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