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Updated: Jul 22

The Ultimate Staycation Holiday Packing Checklist

Whether you’ve opted to book a long weekend or a few weeks in Wales. We’ve put together a handy holiday luggage checklist for you to follow.

One of the reasons that Wales is a popular destination, is that it offers such a diverse range of sights, a variety of activities and many stunning landmarks.

As such, it can sometimes be a little overwhelming when thinking about what’s crucial (especially if you have little ones to pack for too!)

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How Seaborne House takes some of the pressure off packing

The great thing about staying at our luxury holiday cottage is that you have plenty of access to amenities like a washing machine, tumble dryer and even a wetsuit hanging space for those beach trips!

We’ve also made sure to include everything that you might need to have a great Welsh holiday.

From good quality sharp knives to cook for your family, dishwashers and coffee machines for those early wake-up calls!

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What to pack for your self-catering holiday in Wales

Not all holiday lets are created equally, so whilst we provide white fluffy bath towels, professionally laundered bed linen and hand towels as standard, other holiday lets may not.

It’s always best to err on the side of caution and pack something that isn’t needed. This is why our holiday packing list covers many things that we provide as standard.

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Clothes to pack for your holiday

  1. Comfortable walking shoes to enjoy the local walks

  2. Enough spare clothes to make sure you won’t run out

  3. Something light and airy for warmer days

  4. Warmer clothes to cosy up in the evening, or for those blustery days at the coast

  5. Coats to keep you warm and dry (it’s a good idea to pack something thin and light and something more heavy-duty!)

  6. Plenty of spare pairs of socks!

  7. Flip flops or sandals (great for the beach or hot weather)

  8. Slippers and a dressing gown

  9. Pyjamas that suit cold weather and some that suit hot weather

Beach holiday essentials

  1. Beach towels (Seaborne can provide these)

  2. Swimming trunks

  3. Spare swimming trunks

  4. Paddleboards/surfboards

  5. Armbands for the little ones

  6. Bucket and spades

  7. Wellies for wet beach days

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Weather-specific items you might need on holiday

  1. Sun cream! Always very important.

  2. Sun hats and sunglasses

  3. Umbrellas and waterproofs

  4. Wellies for splashing in the rain

  5. Insect repellent

  6. A warm hat and gloves for when it gets colder

Toiletries to pack for your Welsh staycation

  1. Hand towels and bath towels

  2. Shower gels, soaps and shampoos

  3. Deodorant and aftershaves/perfumes

  4. Loo roll and toilet roll for the kitchen

  5. Toothbrushes and toothpaste

  6. Hair products, hairbrushes and hair styling equipment

  7. Make-up (if you like to wear it)

  8. Face wipes

Other Essentials Holiday Packing Items

  1. Phone and other device chargers

  2. Guide books and maps to explore the areas

  3. A small first aid kit for when you’re out on walks

  4. Lunch boxes for enjoying lunches on the go

  5. Cool bags and ice blocks to keep food chilled

  6. Any medicines you might need while away from home

  7. A dirty washing bag to identify which clothes have been worn and which clothes haven’t

  8. Money, wallets, vouchers or bank cards

  9. Hand sanitisers or antibacterial wipes

  10. A reusable water bottle

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Holiday items to pack for babies/toddlers or young children

  1. Toilet seats or potties suitable for little ones

  2. High chairs to make feeding times easier

  3. A cot if your holiday let doesn’t provide it

  4. Steps to make sure they can reach things like the sink to wash their hands

  5. Soft toys or teddies

  6. Any night lights to help them sleep

  7. Baby-friendly toiletries

  8. Baby wipes, nappies and a changing matt

  9. Plenty of entertainment

  10. Slippers and a dressing gown for lazy mornings

  11. Any special cutlery or foods/bowls that are needed for food times

  12. A hot water flask or a milk preparation machine

  13. A way to sanitise your bottles

  14. A day bag which can fit all the necessary items you might need on the go

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Nice things to have on your UK staycation

  1. Board games for entertainment

  2. Deck of cards for playing with

  3. Films to cosy up at night

  4. Books, newspapers or magazines

  5. A music device like a radio or portable speaker

  6. Snacks that you know you all enjoy

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Hopefully our essentials holiday packing guide was helpful and you’re able to not stress as much about your luggage.

Seaborne House is proud to be a luxurious self catering holiday home which is great for everybody from couples to large families.

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