Top 16 reasons to choose a Welsh holiday cottage

Updated: Jul 22

Why West Wales is becoming a popular UK holiday destination

You can ask anybody who has ever visited Wales, there’s just something magical about it. Which is why over 1,000,000 tourists make their way to Wales every single year!

From the award-winning stunning beaches to the charming coastal cities with a rich history. There really is something for everybody in Wales!

If you’ve found this page, you’re likely on the verge of considering booking a holiday - we’ve put together a handy list of why West Wales is a great holiday destination.

16 Reasons For Booking a Welsh Holiday

1. A rich history

Whether you’re a history buff or just find historical sites and facts interesting. Wales is a great opportunity to learn about the resilient nation's backstory.

From their heritage and how it’s changed, to the way their language and country has developed.

2. Stunning beaches

Newport Beach - Coastal Holiday

Wales is famous for its gorgeous sandy beaches. They appear all along the coast, from the Gower Peninsula to the UK’s only National Coast Park in Pembrokeshire.

You will be able to spend hours on dog-friendly beaches, or traipsing the beautiful coastal walkways from one beach to the next!

They're great option with many dog-friendly beaches in West Wales.

3. The Welsh people!

If you’ve ever made friends with a Welsh person then you’ll know you’ve got one for life. They are known for being the most open and welcoming people who are happy to lend a hand where they can.

Did you know that research in 2012 suggested that DNA showed that Welsh people were genetically different to the rest of the UK?

4. Fascinating Welsh traditions

Known for being rich in history and full of culture, the Welsh are passionate about their country and celebrate many important days and still to this day participate in traditions such as giving love spoons to newlywed couples.

Read more about interesting Welsh traditions

5. Picturesque coastal villages

With plenty of beaches come plenty of beautiful coastal and fishing villages. You’ll see many beautiful small fishing towns still brightly coloured to honour previous fishermen’s legacies.

Welsh forests - national parks to visit

6. Beautiful national parks

Wales is home to 3 national parks which are visited every year by around 12 million people. These stunning national parks are Snowdonia Mountain, Brecon Beacons and Pembrokeshire Coastal Park.

The parks are treasured and protected by the Welsh, with beautiful views and combinations of walking routes making a great hiking destination.

7. Plenty of outdoor adventure opportunities

There’s plenty for all types of adventure holidaymakers looking to enjoy the outdoor. Popular outdoor adventure activities include orienteering, sailing, white water rafting and kayaking.

8. Amazing local food

With many mouthwatering Welsh dishes to choose from, Wales is a popular food lover’s destination.

Some lovely Welsh treats include warm Cawl and a crusty roll, yummy Welsh cakes and bara brith (a fruit cake).

Wales is known for being a land of farming, so there are also plenty of opportunities to sample locally grown fresh produce.

9. Great sporting attractions

For any sports lover, it’s a great place to holiday. The Welsh are known for their love of song and sport.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a rugby game at the national stadium, or enjoy sports and leisure activities in the Welsh community.

10. Experience the wonderful wildlife

Skomer Island Puffins - Welsh holiday destination

Many of Wales is largely untouched countryside and plenty of coastlines and forests to explore. For nature lovers, it’s an idyllic spot to visit.

You can enjoy dolphin and whale watching boat trips, go bird watching in Aberfforest or even visit Skomer island to see the puffins in the Summer. It’s an animal lover's dream holiday location.

11. Great for families

It’s a great idea to skip the airports and go straight to the holiday. Part of the reason why Wales is such a popular family holiday destination is that it really does offer something for everybody.

From educational attractions to appease Mum and Dad, to indoor play areas to escape from the rain. You’re guaranteed to find plenty of family activities to do.

Family activities in Pembrokeshire

12. Great hiking routes

With 3 national parks, plenty of coastlines to explore and mountains to climb. Wales is a very popular hiking holiday destination.

Welsh castle - Welsh holiday destination

13. Castles, castles and more castles

Whether you’re looking for romantic-looking ruins or castles that are still standing and relatively unphased by time, Wales has plenty of castles to choose from.

Did you know that there are actually over 600 castles in Wales alone? This is more per square mile than anywhere else on the planet.

14. Experience famous areas

Wales actually has many famous people hailing from there, including Tom Jones and Catherine Zeta Jones.

But it was also famous thanks to Welsh writer Dylan Thomas who actually wrote his poems based on areas in South West Wales.

15. The Welsh language

The Celtic language of ‘Welsh’ is actually among the oldest languages still around in Europe. It’s still spoken by over 880,000 people today!

16. It’s the land of song!

The Welsh are famous for their sing-song intonations and love for music. Music and singing are still heavily encouraged in Wales by competitions such as the National Eisteddfod of Wales.

Our luxury Welsh holiday home

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We are a luxury self-catering accommodation which can cater for large families of up to 10 people and we are even dog-friendly!

We guarantee if you choose to visit Newport, Pembs that you’ll fall in love with it.

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