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Free WiFi

  • High-speed, reliable fibre optic WiFi from BT

  • The WiFi network name and the password are on the noticeboard in the hall, and also on the back of the router plus as a Seaborne Guest, you can log in to the members' pages and access it before your stay.

  • WiFi is also used for the IOT items such as the Nest thermostats, smart TV, Sonos etc

  • There are TP links in strategic places throughout the house to extend the WiFi range

  • The router manual is in the Property Information Folder in the sitting room or you can access that here

  • A blue light on the router means everything is working normally.  You can usually reset the router by pushing the on/off button at the back of the router

  • Also, USB points, laptop desk, printer, cables, chargers, adapters are available

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